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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "licensed game"?

Broadly speaking, licensed games are games based on existing, non-gaming properties. For example Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and Disney's Aladdin are both examples of licensed games. This list on Giantbomb has a good description and provides some examples. It's not an exhaustive list however, so don't worry if your game isn't on the list!

  • Film or television shows
  • Books, graphic novels, or comics
  • A brand or mascot (such as Cool Spot or Chex Quest)
  • Real sporting events, brands, or people (but not fictional ones)
  • One or more celebrities
  • Artistic work in any medium (so long as the art is not original to the game)

Do games featuring licensed guests count, (e.g. Soulcalibur or Super Smash Bros)?

Licenseathon is focused on games based on non-gaming properties. While it's true that the developers must obtain the rights to third-party characters before using them, their inclusion alone is (almost) never enough to justify their inclusion. We are looking for games whose core theme revolves around a licensed property.

What about spin-off titles made by another studio?

Sometimes a franchise features games produced by a different studio than the first. For example, Crash: Twinsanity. While some of these might technically be licensed titles, they do not fit the spirit of the marathon.

I'm not sure if my game fits the criteria!

There are plenty of odd edge-cases when it comes to licensing. If you aren't sure whether the game you want to run qualifies, send us a DM on Twitter or ask in our Discord server, both found below!

How do I submit a run?

Fill out the Google Form here with the details of your run, as well as a video of the category.

I want to help restream / organize / volunteer!

We would love any and all help! If you have a skill you think we need, let us know here. You can also DM us on Twitter or Discord (see below).


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